"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sure, She Seems Innocent Enough!

Look at her! So cute! So sweet! So innocent.

Just look at the way she loves on those baby dolls.

Now look at this...
No this is not that game where you look at a tray of random items only to have them covered up and you have to quickly recall everything that you saw. These random items are the reason that are dvd/vhs tv in the kids room has not been working. Court finally took it apart to see if he could figure out WHY it wasn't working.

The thought process must have been, "I'll keep shoving things in there, and eventually something has got to work!" Any ideas on who put it all in there?????

All I know, is the kid owes me $50 bucks for repairs!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Tyler and Linsey Maxson were playing the Beast and Belle this summer at Hale Theater's production of Beauty and the Beast. Delainee and I went with our good friends the Stewarts to the Saturday matinee. Afterwards the girls got to get autographs and photographs with the cast members. My goodness is was almost like being at Disneyland. There was a huge line up to take a shot with Miss Linsey, and then over in the corner was the poor Beast---Tyler. I don't know if the kiddies didn't recognize him enough without the beast head on, or if they were just scared of him, but I had to talk Lainee into getting a picture with the poor guy, and Addi absolutely refused! Somehow we did NOT get a picture with Jere as Cogsworth, but he was so good!


After wards the four or us (Myself, Delainee, Addi and Jenni) headed over to Oregano's for some pizza! The girls made animal shapes out of the dough they give you to play with and we sat and chatted and laughed and ate and chatted some more.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

So my beloved husband goes off to Hawaii for a week again. He gets home Friday morning, only to inform me that I will be packing up the kids and heading to the cabin----BY MYSELF, so spend 4th of July with his parents. Hmmmm.... something is nnt right here. Court promised while we were away that he would paint and do the flooring on Laetner's room and assured us it could not happen if we were on the premises. Soooo, with a huge frown on my face we indeed headed up to Pinedale. Obviously being the 4th and all, we were not the only ones with that idea, becuz the traffic came to a complete halt from Rye until the light in Payson at the Sonic. I was cursing Court's name everytime one of the kids asked why we weren't moving GRRRRR!

Saturday morning we headed into Heber for the parade. Usually a parade consists of lots of floats throwing candy at the sidelines, but apparently in Heber the definition of a float is any souped up car, and instead of candy they threw water---LOTS OF IT! Everysingle vehicle had gangs of participants with water guns and super soakers aimed at the crowd, and it was so funny to watch the kids run up with little squirt bottles as if to fight back.

It was pretty hot so we tried hats, umbrellas or anything that would keep us shaded....

The very end of the parade was when disaster hit! The fire truck came thru and literally DRENCHED everyone. Luckily for Waverly and I we were seated directly behind a huge beach umbrella that took most of the blow, but Delainee and Laetner were right out front with grandma and they and her camera were victimized.

As you can see they weren't none to happy about it either.

That afternoon was spent hanging out at the cabin with grandpa and grandma Fischbeck. Grandpa showed us what a crazy maniac he was when he headed out into the national forest with a chainsaw and just started bringing trees down left and right. And I personally will treasure the moments spent with Dave, Maurio and myself as we put the basketball standard together. WOW!!!!

For dinner that evening we headed into Heber for a bbq at the Jackson's cabin. They were so nice to invite us. Here is Laetner chowing into his cheeseburger...
And look at this face. I could almost lick the cheetos off her mouth!

After dinner we headed down the the elementary school to find a spot on the grass to watch the show! Mom Jackson brought bubbles and all sorts of goodies for the kids to keep occupied until the rockets finally glared.
We did have one small mishap on the swingset, where Laetner somehow slipt out of the swing and cracked his head on the rocky terrain below. He has a HUGE knot on his head, but luckily that is all.
At the first boom, Waverly was transfixed at sat quietly for the entire fireworks display. At approximately 9:30 the firework show ended and the four of us piled into the van to head straight home. I raced down the hill while the kids watched the Sound of Music---I couldn't believe how long they managed to stay awake before finally falling asleep. At 12:00 I pulled into the garage and Court helped me unpack three very sleepy children.
But as if I was in some episode of 'While You Were Out' sure enough Court's 4th of July Weekend project was completed and it looks fantastic!