"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anger Management Issues

I can't imagine where they get it from. Within the last 24 hours ALL three of my angelic children have displayed some questionable behavior. Yesterday we celebrated MLK day by heading out to the park. And I can't say that I was completely surprised by Delainee, because she has almost had a melt down before when her ball did not roll where she thought it should roll when playing croquet as a family. But there was this balance beam sort of thing and she could NOT get across it. I watched her try and then stomp away when she fell off, and then come back again, fall and stomp off again. I suddenly heard, "Look, mommy, I did it!" only to look up and see that Laetner had succeeded---ooh she got mad! We then decided to race across the park to a different playground. Delainee started out clearly in the lead and she knew it. I think she must have turned her head just to see where Laetner was at or maybe to talk trash to him (who knows) when she sort of stumbles and Laetner clearly over takes her. The minute he passed her she immediately dropped to her knees and started pouting. Great attitude!

Laetner was getting ready for school today when I told him to put his shoes and socks on....
Laetner: I already have my flippies on.
Me: I don't care, you need to put shoes and socks on.
Laetner: But its not cold outside.
Me: Miss Gwynne says you can't wear flippies to school.

At this point Laetner starts to stomp/kick his foot and off it goes flying towards my nightstand and knocking over my light. Sadly this behaviour is reminiscent of the time I was about 9 and I did the same thing, only the shoe flew through my upstairs bedroom window --shattering it---and I was responsible for the $70 it took to repair it.
And then there is sweet, gentle, docile Waverly. I was feeding her dinner last night when I tried to sneak a biteful of mashed potatoes in. I had given her a cracker and as she would get it close to her mouth and open up, I would shovel my vittles in. The first time she promptly snapped her mouth shut and turned her head. The second time I actually made it in and figured I had won! Well she showed me. Not only did she squawk madly at me, but she spit the potatoes out, and then in a very Hulk like manner smashed her cracker between her hands--snapping it in two--and then threw the pieces at me!!!! (or at least down on the floor)

At this point I just raised my hands and exclaimed, "I'm out!"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Curse you aqua scum!!! (I mean Jenny Crandell)

Can you name that movie? I'll give you a hint, its a Disney.

Anyhoo, I am not really into the tag thing, but I really don't have too many friends so the fact that someone actually tagged me is quite remarkable! Just for Jenny to put me in a category of blogs she loves along with my blogging idol Allyson is, well, pretty much a dream come true...

1. Where is your phone? the correct question is where are any of the phones. I cannot keep track of them. Let me go press the 'page' button and send one of my offspring to go find one!
2. Where is your significant other? he better be working his way to the airport in Oahu so he makes it home this weekend
3 .Your hair color? brunette baby!
4. Your Mother? quilting freak
5. Your Father? a huge supporter of quilting freaks anonymous---and closet fabric hoarders everywhere!
6. Your favorite thing? bookclub, bunko, bookclub, bunko...I can't decide
7. Your dream last night? Can't honestly remember
8. Your goal? 125 lbs! Even if I have to wait for my 'perfect' state in the 2nd coming it WILL happen someday!
9. The room you're in? MY office (I am such a slob that my OCD husband has his own in our house.)
10. Your hobby? would you believe I play a mean bagpipe?
11. Your fear? flying over water--which is why I am okay with Court going to Hawaii without me!
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 125 pounds?
13. Where were you last night? right where I am right now
14. What you're not? 125 pounds
15. One of your wish-list items? blah, blah, blah, the same question just reworded a different way. What don't you get about me wanting to be 125 pounds?
16. Where you grew up? Mesa, AZ ( with a short romp in San Antonio, Texas)
17. The last thing you ate? my killer 2 point WW taco soup
18. What are you wearing? My cute buckle jeans that actually make me look like I have a bum!
19. Your TV? don't really watch it when court is out of town, but tomorrow my dvR will be motoring through Office, CSI, Biggest Loser, Heroes, Lost, Dateline NBC, Greys Anatomy---yeah we are t.v. bums on the weekend!
20. Your pet? NONE. Okay, okay some fish---it just sounds so cliche
21. Your computer? Windows !@#$% Vista
22. Your mood? my husband has been gone since Monday--what to you think it is?
23. Missing someone? QT Cortee--he will kill me for writing that!
24. Your car? Nissan Quest
25. Something you're not wearing? shoes
26. Favorite store? Target---or what that cursed Jenny Crandell refers to as "The Red Dot Boutique"
27. Your Summer? Workshops @ MCC!!
28. Love someone? You, and YOU, and you, and you, and YEAH you too!
29. Your favorite color? Periwinkle
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today when I read Allyson's latest 'bearded lady'post.
31. Last time you cried? Tuesday, while watching The Biggest Loser
32.Something you crave? the bruschetta at BJ's Brewery
33. Why you blog? I owe it to my kiddies---and my sanity

I now am supposed to award the "I Love Your Blog" Award to all my friends:


Thursday, January 15, 2009

This and that for week 2 of January

This week has been insanely busy. I am a Let's Play Music teacher, but I also do what is known as Teacher Advisory for LPM and this week all of my existing teachers started their own semesters, plus we have a teleconference coming up this Friday for any new trainees. I honestly have been on my computer constantly e-mailing EVERYONE, as well as meeting for Advisory 'meetings'--a.k.a BRUNCH! I actually feel like I am earning my paycheck on this one! I also am the Ward Historian for our ward---I know you are jealous of my calling. And this week the annual Historical Narrative for 2008 was due. Of course I put most of it off until the week after Christmas---when I have the whole year to work on it---but it has been forwarded on to my ward clerk and I now do not have any church responsibilites for another year. Yeehaw! Needless to say, that this week I have not even had a chance to look at anyone's blog, let alone post on my own...GRRRR!

On top of everything else, Court is out of town Monday thru Saturday this week to Hawaii---AGAIN! Every phone call I get from him is, "Well, I am about to jump on another plane to hop on over to another island." and "Because of the time change I am up at 4:00 over here so I get in 3 miles on the treadmill every morning, wow I get so much done everyday."---BRAT! Because he is out of town I have not been able to run with Shelby, which means I have to get on my treadmill at the house which consists of me trying to run while calling for Delainee every few minutes to pick up Waverly who REALLY wants to get on with me. Poor little thing, I really don't think she could crawl THAT fast. I would just run after the kids just go to bed, but I promised Delainee and Laetner that they could sleep in my bed this week while Daddy is away. Note to self: Do Not Make Such A Promise Ever Again!

I must admit something horrible. When Court is out of town on Wednesdays--which happens more weeks than not--- then it is Wacky Wednesday at Sonic for dinner. Their kid meals are only 1.49, can't beat that. I definitely wasn't the only one cashing in on that deal last night cuz the drive thru line was quite extensive. So, whilst we waited in line forEV-ER for our grease-soaked kids meals, the kids began asking all sorts of questions about who my brothers or sisters were and just questions about families in general. They find it fascinating that grandma and grandpa are actually daddy's mom and dad and that grandma and papa are my parents. Then Delainee began really thinking and started asking what their actual names were.

Now here I will have to back track a little bit. For Christmas one of the things that Laetner asked for was a nutcracker. And at first we were a little confused, but Laetner played on a cousins Nintendo ds one day and Mario must have reminded him of the nutcracker from Barbie. So he continues to call it a nutcracker. Well Court is wrapped around every child's finger so I lost the battle of Laetner not needing a nintendo ds. But now everyone at our house calls it a nutcracker and mario is the red nutcracker, luigi is the green nutcracker. etc, etc. Laetner even begs me to dress Waverly in overalls and a green shirt so she looks like Luigi---we might need to find her a mustache!

So back in the car....I explained that Papa's name was Byde and Grandma's name was Pam and Grandpa's name was Dave and other Grandma's name was Maurio. You should have seen Laetner's eyes light up! "You mean like the red nutcracker?" he exclaims. How many kids can claim that one?

This week Waverly has gained the unfortunate knowledge and ability to turn not only my t.v. off, but my reciever as well. And she knows she is being naughty. She crawls to the wall and then walks her way down it until she gets to the t.v. She then turns her head, flashes a huge smile, and turns it off. By the time you have rectified the damage, she has moved the rest of the wall down to where the reciever box resides and does the exact same thing. She is a stinker. I cannot tell you have difficult it was to watch Biggest Loser with her in the room. Speaking of which, was anyone else crying as the orange team member finally made it up that hill? I need to check my meds, cuz I am usually not a crier EVER, but I was sobbing like a baby. I hope that kid ends up in the finale and is smokin' hot! He deserves it.

Alright, I at least put down somethin' for the week--not too shabby!
(have I ever mentioned that I love exclamation marks!!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Journaling ala Allyson Van Patten

I am horrible at journaling. Which is why I am doing this blog. But I am finding that if it is not an event or if I don't have pictures to accompany the post, then it isn't worth posting about. How sad for me. Because the most important things really are the little everyday idiosyncrasies that happen during our mundane little existence. Soooo... my new years resolution is to really do what I set out to do and capture the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday.
At this point I need to give a shout out to Allyson because she is my inspiration for this. She has one of my MOST favorite blogs, and it isn't because she has a cute background---someone needs to help her to find a new background! It isn't that she lists me as one of the coolest people on the web, or that she conceded that my child might indeed be cuter than her child, but because she just writes about all the little everyday things and finds humor in the things that would normally cause me to curse or raise my voice to my children. I quote, "Sometimes I think this blogging thing is a seriously good thing for the health of the child. 'Cause in moments like this, instead of killing the kid, you just have to take a picture." So true. So Allyson thank you for being a great mommy and blogger and the person who comments the most on my own blog. I have a lot to live up to!
So on Saturday Delainee begged and begged for us to go to the park. Somehow it ended up me with Lainee and Laetner while Court got to stay home with Waverly. I was hideous--no makeup and I hadn't washed my hair in three days at least, so I told the kids that we needed to go to a park where no one else was. We ended up hitting three different little neighborhood parks before the afternoon was up. But when we were finally heading home we passed one more park and Delainee really wanted to stop.
Delainee: Mom, plz can we play at this one?
Me: No
Delainee: Why?
Me: Because there are people at that park and they might see me.
Delainee: Well can't you just stay in the car and roll up the window?

Tonight for dinner Courtney made his moms famous homemade pizza. Delainee and I walked in from gymastics to have dinner ready and waiting for us---thank you Court! Court had made a green salad and a little fruit salad to go with. I was commenting how yummy the fruit tasted when Laetner exclaimed, "I love green strawberries!" I was a little confused because there were no strawberries let alone green ones amongst the fruit. But sure enough there it was...

a green strawberry?!