"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, May 25, 2009

Laetner Funnies

Well at least I think he is funny---I did laugh, and I figured I better write this down before I forget.

Incident #1: Laetner is sitting at the kitchen counter coloring and I am in my office which allows be to hear while not being seen. Delainee is in the bathroom with the door open, and Courtney has just walked in the house thru the laundry room. As Court is walking past the bathroom on his way toward the kitchen he says, "Hello beautiful"(he WAS talking to Delainee) to which Laetner asks, "Me?" He knew that beautiful wasn't what he should normally be getting called, but he didn't see anybody else that daddy could be referring to. "NO daddy, I am handsome," he exclaimed.

Incident #2: This morning at breakfast we noticed Laetner playing with the tire gage from Court's truck. Court asks Laetner if he brought it in, and Laetner denies it. Court then asks Delainee and she denies it as well. I am standing there and comment that 'if it wasn't one of us, then who was it' to which Laetner immediately responsed "It must have been Wavee"--- uh-huh, RIGHT! I have a feeling she is going to get blamed for a lot of things. Ü

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor Wavee

We were gone last week to New York and got back Friday. Over the weekend Waverly did seem a little clingy, but we had been gone all week. Sunday she started to get a little whiny--but we had been gone all week. Sunday night she was playing outside and seemed really over heated---but we had been gone all week---Wait that doesn't make sense. Ü

Monday morning she woke up running a fever and her whole body was HOT! We gave her multiple baths and lots of children's tylenol, which did bring the fever down enough to get her to sleep or nap, but everytime we went to get her up she was BURNING up. Tuesday was the same thing and I was starting to get nervous, but my BIL the doctor reassured us that as long as she still had wet diapers and was just a fever then we were probably okay. On Wednesday I was at my wits end, and beginning to personally feel the effects that stress tends to do to me. She was miserable and now she would just lay on my bed with a glazed over look in her eyes and just whimper and hold her head. I didn't want to be THAT mom that the Dr rolls his eyes and says 'its just a fever' but now she was beginning to cough as well and she just did not look good. Sooo, I took her in.

Diagnosis: double ear infection in both ears! Oh, my poor baby, I am so sorry I did not take you in sooner. I think the doctor could see how sick I felt, and tried to make me feel better by saying if I had brought her in on Monday, that they might not have seen the build up in her ears and might have just sent me home. But to think we could have stopped this sooner just makes my cry. But we have now started her on the 10 days worth of antibiotics---which is a chore in itself to get her to take, but already this morning she is playing with Laetner and actually giggling---GIGGLING! Never thought I could be so greatful, happy, relieved, and even overwhelmed that the child is simply smiling. Obviously I don't deal well with sick kiddies--I mean, ear infections happen all the time right? Well, for me they haven't. Luckily for this household this is the FIRST ear infection we have ever dealt with. Pretty amazing, I know. Hopefully it will be the ONLY one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laetner's Preschool Graduation

It is official! We have been in the same preschool class since the boy turned 3! But Laetner has loved his time at Meridian in the Amanecer preschool with Miss Gwynne and Miss Judy! They were always sending home reports on how studious and on the ball he was in class---in fact they call him the little professor. I think that when he puts his glasses on that it transforms him into another creature altogether. All the preschoolers had a cute little program in the library to show off all they know. And man alive can that boy play a mean triangle ......

He really puts his whole heart and soul into it! Ü He also got to show off some acting skills as the princesses father in their reenactment of the princess and the frog. He delivered his one line perfectly---"Why is a FROG here???"Photobucket

(from left to right)Miss Kerri (student teacher), Miss Judy(classroom aide) and Miss Gwynne (teacher)

After the little show we went back to their classroom and Laetner showed me around the room. He is such a little ham!
Congratulations Laetner ---go ahead and enjoy your Summer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delainee's Gymnastics Recital

We made it back from our New York trip in time for Delainee's gymnastics recital on Saturday May 16th. She has been working all sorts of tumbling skills and has really enjoyed her little class at Angela's Flip Zone. The dress rehearsal was INSANE, but come 3:00 and 20 numbers later Delainee was all set to show off her 'skizzles'. I snuck down to the front of the auditorium to record the event. Scott and Shelby were on the front row and in the dark they whispered that my seat was taken. I shouldn't have, but I whispered back to them where they could go----I DID NOT realize that our elders quorum president was sitting between us and heard the whole thing---WHOOPS! Ü

Check out her mad skizzles.....
We might need to look into getting the child a fake tan----she positively 'glows' on stage, she is so white! Ü

Here she is after the show, executing her most famous of moves---it looks like an x-jump to me!

She had many adoring fans, including both sets of grandparents!Photobucket

It was so fun to be able to perform with some of our cousins, as well!


Monday, May 18, 2009

New York, and My Luck Has Changed!

It was our anniversary. I was all done with teaching Let's Play Music for the year. I had a free babysitter. And Court had to go to New York for business.....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! This trip was spent a little differently becuz Court did in fact have to work, and had some pretty big presentations---which meant he wasn't very much fun for a couple of the days. Our flight left Monday morning, and we actually dropped the kids off at Scott and Shelby's on Sunday night. Our trip in October was all about tourist attractions, so this trip it was way laid back and more about the FOOD! I hate the plane trip back East becuz you literally lose a day, but we landed in NYC at 5:00 p.m. local time. We took a car from JFK to our hotel---the Sheraton Times Square, and had barely unpacked when we headed to Lombardi's in SOHO for PIZZA! Afterwards we WALKED until we found a little cupcake place called Sweet Revenge that I had seen on Martha Stewart----these are the cupcakes made with a ton of real Mexican Vanilla and cooked in parchment paper. I got the 'pure' and Court got the 'dirty'. We hated to waste the evening so then we actually headed to the AMC theater on 42nd Street for a late showing of X-Men Origins---luv u HUGH! This theater was crazy. The lobby was a tiny little entrance with just two escalators heading up. FIVE escalators later we made it up to our theater. These weren't just short little escalator rides either. One even ran along the window that faced 42nd Street and it was actually scary to see how high up you were. And we were rudely awakened to the ticket price of $12.50 a seat---YIKES!

Court was busy most of Wednesday and Thursday, so Tuesday was our big day to do stuff together---and we did GOOD! We set our alarms for 5:00 a.m. (2:00 a.m. Arizona time) and headed over to the Regis and Kelly Show. We did not have tickets so we were hoping and praying that we would get tickets in the stand-by line. It was FREEZING, and Court had neglected to put on his coat that morning. I was giving him a hard time and trying to warm him up with my VERY warm coat, when a gentleman standing next to us in the TICKET line asked if we didn't have tickets , cuz he had two extra! You should have seen the ugly looks that the people in front and in back of us in line gave us, but bow howdy we jumped lines and ended up being the only people from the standby line to actually make it into the show. It was sooo much fun. They totally interact with the audience. Court felt a little girly sittin in on the regis and kelly show, but they had the winners from Amazing Race---which he LOVES, and as much as I hate to say it, Tom Hanks was a great guest.

On the set of Regis and Kelly

Outside the taping of the show!

After the show we took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge Exit, and hiked out if Manhattan over into Brooklyn. At precisely 11:00 a.m. we needed to call the Dave Letterman show to put our names on the standby list. Courts cell phone is company paid so we had him do the dialing. He just kept telling me it was busy, so I figured I should try my hand at it as well. Wouldn't you know it, it was ringing for me. The lady picks up and asks me a trivia question (which was what instrument does Paul Schaffer play, btw) and then tells me we are #2 and #3 on the standby list----NICE!

This is as we were walking toward Brooklyn....

and this is the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Of course Court didn't do anything on this trip unless there was pizza at the end of it. Located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge is a little pizza place called Grimaldi's. It was a hole in the wall with a pool of two seater tables in a 3x4 grid. We were unlucky enough to get stuck smack dab in the middle of the pool and were literally pinned in on all sides, but it was delish. While waiting outside to get into Grimaldi's I ended up chatting with these two cute girls standing behind me in line. Turns out they were lds---and even knew people here in Arizona. They actually first asked if I was LDS becuz they said I looked so wholesome---mwa ha ha! I asked them where I should be eating and they gave me a LIST that I attempted to hit for the rest of my trip. THANK YOU!

We had a little bit of time before we needed to go check on our stand by tickets for Letterman, so we took the subway all the way in from Brooklyn and headed uptown to 110th St. to find the infamous diner from Seinfeld. Court HAD to get a picture in front of it.

We then headed back downtown to the Letterman show at 53rd St. and waited outside the cbs store until standby tickets were called----ONLY #1-#4 from standby made it into the show, and our seats were both right on the aisle a row behind each other. Alec Baldwin was the main guest, but the Letterman show stank compared to Regis and Kelly. You could hardly even see Dave or his guests over the cameras. and during the commercial breaks they COMPLETELY ignored the audience.

Tuesday night we had planned to see a show together, but Court felt like he needed to prepare for his presentation a little more. So I headed over to see Shrek by myself. Becuz I was a single I got 5th row center. Such a cute show. I love the cartoon and this was just as good except now it had way fun costumes and cute new songs. After the show I had the munchies, so I found a little deli with every flavor of cheesecake. I was actually on my cell phone talking to my friend Stephen that lives in Manhattan and the guy behind the counter just kept smiling at me. When I finally got off the phone I asked him which cheesecake was his favorite and he responded with, "you are." Uhhhh... I just smiled and asked for a slice of Snickers cheesecake. Then as he rang me up he told me I was the most bootiful girl and where was I from---he was Indian. I just smiled and said Arizona and just walked away. Man am I classy! Ü

Unfortunately pictures get a little sad from here on out. I pretty much did the rest of my week on my own, so I had no one with me to take pictures of anything---STINKERS!

Wednesday Court was busy with work, so I headed uptown to one of the little places my LDS/NY girls told me about--Alice's Teacup. Such a cute little shop with scones that are to die for. I got a pumpkin scone--which they recommended, and then walked over to Central Park and just sat on a park bench and enjoyed my scone. I then headed over to Radio City Music Hall to take a tour---my friend Stephen recommended it. It was pretty neat--especially since I love the Tony Awards and this is where they are filmed. I was by far the youngest person on the tour---as most of the group had to take the elevators. Throughout the tour there were mannequins dressed in the various costumes that the Rockettes have worn over the years. At each mannequin, this older Asian gentleman made me take his picture with each and every one of them----PERV! At the end of the tour one of the current Rockettes came out to take questions and pose for pictures. I used to have self esteem until I saw the results of this picture.....man alive I look tubby!

I then headed over to meet my friend Stephen for lunch. He took me to a little diner called Vinyl--Rock'n'Roll themed everything. Then we headed uptown so he could show me a pizza place that he had taken myself and a friend to when we visited back in 2001. That way I would know where I was going and be able to take Court there for dinner. This is Stephen's hand, and that is one single slice of pizza!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hiking from 110th back to midtown (51st). But that night Court decided he wanted to go back to Lombardi's instead of the Uptown gigantic slice diner. I agreed if he promised to let me try a chocolate restaurant in Union Square known as Max Brenner's. Holy cow, this place has milk chocolate pumping thru the pipes and syringes of white, milk,or dark chocolate. Court was freakin out about his presentation the next day, so he wasn't the best company, but we tried the Mexican Hot Chocolate (the egg shaped mug was an experience in itself)and a plate of yummy chocolate cake with caramel oozing EVERYWHERE!

Thursday morning we set out to find Magnolia Bakery, but it ended up being a cupcake and sweets type bakery, and we were looking for breakfast. Alice's Tea Cups was around the corner, so I talked Court into trying a scone(he got berry and I went for the pumpkin again). It was actually drizzling that morning, and as we walked past a Starbuck's I tugged Court's arm and exclaimed that Kelly Ripa's husband (Mark Consuelos)was sitting there. We both took a closer look and realized that sitting next to him was none other than Jerry Seinfeld! Unfortunately we wimped out and didn't take their picture---not like we would ever see them again! Just like my prior morning we headed into Central Park to eat our 'scones with cream and jam' (say it with your best British accent)! Ü

When we were in NY in October, the one thing we never did find was an authentic NYC bagel. Court headed back to the hotel to start packing up all his stuff for a presentation down in SOHO and I headed to Murray's Bagels in Greenwich Village. I got a little mixed up on which Subway line to take, and I ended up walking way out of the way. I barely made it back in time for Court to have a bagel for lunch, but they indeed were the real deal!

Once Court left I headed back uptown to the Museum of Natural History--as in the movie 'A Night at the Museum'. Glad I did that one by myself. It was interesting, but I am glad that we didn't waste our money on two tickets! Right across the street is a place called the Shake Shack where I stopped for ice cream. It reminded me very much of Nielsen's frozen custard, except the lines were like an in'n'out! I was actually given a buzzer to let me know when my concrete was done! While I was waiting , a guy dressed as a security guard came and sat down right next to me. He says something like he is glad to be able to sit down after standing on the marble floors of the museum all day. "I just came from there," I said. He then asks how I enjoyed it, and if I knew that on Friday nights they actually turn it into a night club. I asked if that was always or if since THe NIght of the Museum? He said since before the movie was filmed there. He then asks me if I have seen Star Trek, and I said no actually, but I was thinking about finding a matinee, did he know of a movie theater near by. His eyes got huge and he asked if I wasn't from around here. I explained that my husband was working and I was just finding things to do in New York City. He then asked how big my husband was---as in was he taller then 6 feet 8 inches. I said no, and then he said it takes a very confident man to let someone as beautiful as me wander around by myslef. He invited me to join him and his friends for lunch---which I of course declined. Our buzzers went off at the same time and as I picked up my ice cream he comments that there is no way that is all fitting inside [that] skinny body, and then called out goodbye beautiful as I left with my concrete. WHAT is with the men in New York????? In his defense I must say that I was wearing my NEW cute Buckle jeans, and the poor man did not know what he was getting into. BUT, If it wasn't for my picture with the Rockette, I might start thinking I am hot stuff or something!!!!!

I actually headed back to the hotel to take a nap, cuz I was exhausted! Court called about 5:30 to tell me that his presentation went great and that he and his colleagues were heading to none other than Lombardis---AGAIN! I actually headed out to dinner with Stephen to a place in Hell's Kitchen called Chelsea Grill---it literally was in an old garage, and had a yummy, yummy green apple salad that I highly recommend. After dinner we went to another brand new Broadway musical called Next to Normal---it was amazing. The subject matter was pretty heavy, but it was a small enemble cast (only 6 people) and they were magnificent. Out of the 6 cast members, 3 are up for tony awards, and the show itself is up for best new musical. After the show we stopped by Junior's for cheesecake and a complete review of the show. So much fun to just sit and talk musical theater with someone who actually lives in it and makes their living in the industry. Thank goodness Stephen was willing to hang out with me while Court had to work.

We woke up early Friday morning and took a cab back to JFK in time for our 9:50 a.m. flight. By 1:00 p.m. we were picking up Waverly from Shelby's house. No matter how much fun I have, I am always glad to be back in my own bed. I missed it! Thank you so much to Scott and Shelby for watching my kiddies and keeping them well fed all week! Can't wait for the pay back!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe!

12 Years! Can you believe it???? 12 YEARS! Thank you Court for being the funniest person I know, and for actually laughing at my jokes every now and then! Ever since the moment I saw you do your impression of chewbacca on the piano bench at Buckley's, I knew that you were the man for me!!!! I would go on choosing you, and you would go on choosing me over and over again. That's how it would happen everytime---I don't know why. I guess I don't know why I love you, really. Why do I love you? I guess I just love you!

Aaaah, the joys of marriage. Love this clip (turn the music off so you can hear!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Delainee's Birthday Week!

Mid week birthdays STINK! Especially when daddy's can't be home on the actual birthday. So this week we had multiple days of celebration for Delainee. Grandma and Papa came over bearing gifts on Monday, and then Grandma Maurio came over on Tuesday to take Delainee to McDonald's.

On Wednesday Court came home and we FINALLY got to do cake and the rest of her presents. Of course Delainee wanted a princess cake, and after wading through many ideas online we ended up with the following. There was much prayer and fasting as whether or not to make her blue like Cinderella, but in the end Delainee wanted pink and purple.

We COULDN'T ruin the front of her, so the candles ended up as her flaming bum!

See, I promise she is ALL cake from the waist down!

Happy Birthday Princess Delainee!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delainee is 7!

We love our precious Delainee! Can't believe that she is already 7. One more year and we get baptized. What makes Delainee special............She is a fighter---from day one the doctors and nurses said she shouldn't be doing as good as she was, and she just keeps on fighting. She is a perfectionist. She is a princess thru and thru. She is an amazing big sister and helper. She is sassy. She is a great musician with the fingers to back it up. She is a good friend. She loves to play with ANYONE. She knows how to fill your bucket and make you feel so important. She is beautiful. She is very tender hearted. She always has mommy's back. She is the best movie buddy EVER.

We love you Delainee


Once again this post is brought to you by Kiddie Kandids...







Delainee's Pregnancy and Birth Story

This one is a doozy. I try not to do anything in life unless there can be drama involved. I definitely succeeded with my first baby.... This was written during the first week after her birth.

Pregnancy itself was particularly uneventful. We got pregnant probably about the first of November, and NEVER even knew about it. I was never once sick or nauseous. I made an appt with Dr. Holmes in January and thought I was maybe one month along---turns out I was already 2 1/2. I had already made it through basically the first trimester safely. We actually waited to tell the parents in February so that it could be a birthday surprise for Court's mom. We told Pam and Byde by playing the game Cranium with them one evening. I had been nervous to tell anybody becuz of my lupus (which brought a huge risk of miscarriage) but it really was amazing how good I felt. Never nauseus, only tired. Every doctors appt went absolutely normal. We did our ultrasound and discovered we were having a girl. At the start of my 6th month the swelling started.

By the end of the day, I would develop what Courtney would call 'cankles'---where my calved just suddenly turned into feet. Some days looked more swollen than others, but after a nights rest of sleep they would always disappear. During the last week of April they really started to get bad. So did my face and hands and arms. My hands began falling asleep and becoming numb all of the time. Pain would radiate up my right arm and it got to the point that it was too painful to even play the piano. Dr. Holmes had seen my swelling on a previous visit, but he didn't seem overly concerned. My next Dr. Appt was scheduled for Monday May 6.

On Wednesday May 1st I was at Pamela's doing piano lessons when the mother of my student (her name is Lisa McClure) commented on how concerned she was with my swelling. Most everybody said that swelling was normal, but Lisa said not usually that much til the last weeks---and I still had 3 months to go. Byde happened to have blood pressure cuff at his house, and so we took my blood pressure and it read something (wish I remember the top numer) over 106. That didn't mean anything to me at the time (I now know that normal for me is 110 over 70) but Pamela suggested that I call Dr. Holmes. I paged him, and he suggested that I try and work my way in Thursday morning. I HAD planned to do my glucose testing the next morning anyways, so I figured I could go to his office when I was done---since they were right next to each other. That night at bedtime I noticed that my chest felt a little funny. I thought that maybe it could be heartburn or something like that so I wasn't too concerned. About 2:00 a.m. I woke up with some really intense pain in my chest. I got up and worked on the computer and watched some T.V., but it kept getting worse and worse. I got out my 'what to expect what you're expecting book' and figured I would read up on toxemia---since that is what Pamela was so worried about. As I was reading, I noticed words like swelling, rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal pain, and spots in vision. These were all things that in just this one day I felt like I was encountering. I didn't know what to do. Courtney was scheduled to leave for a business trip that morning and would not be back until Sunday afternoon. My book warned about seizures and comas, and 4 days without my husband around did not sound very comforting. Court got up about 5:00 a.m. and found me up and crying. He asked if I wanted him to stay and I said I didn't think so. He then asked if I was just talking myself into being sick because he was leaving me for a couple of days----well that just made me MAD, so I told him to go on his trip and I would be fine. I jumped in the shower at about 6:30 and everything seemed to feel a little better.

My lab opened at 7:00 so I got there on the dot, drank the glucose, did my lab work (after waiting the obligatory hour), and then headed over to Dr. Holmes' office about 9:00. I apologized to Terry(the nurse) and said that I had some swelling and my mother was concerned about it. She smiled as if to say, 'aaah, silly mothers'. She checked my blood pressure and was a little concerned becuz normal with her was 100/60 and I was reading 130/90. She had me pee in a cup and then gasped because I was leaking protein at something called 3 plus---so do not know what I am even talking about here. She immediately left the room and interrupted Dr. Homes in whatever appt he was in and told him that he needed to come in quick. He started freaking out. He said I was going to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and that I needed to call my husband---who at this point was somewhere in the air flying to Florida.

I called Byde and he said he would get a message to Court. Meanwhile Byde and my brother David met me at the hospital and game me a blessing. I was barely even walking into my room in the antepartum wing that nurses were giving me shots to help this babies lungs develop faster. The rest of Thursday was pretty uneventful. I took a hydrotherapy bath to try and bring down some swelling (which sounds relaxing, but isn't when you are attached to an IV and have to hang your arm out of a huge metal vat that you are laying in). And I had a TON of blood work taken. They started pumping Magnesium Sulfate into me---which is one of the worst encounters in my life---and we WAITED. Friday is when the headaches started and they THROBBED. We learned from my blood work that my liver and kidneys had basically stopped functioning. My liquid intake was limited, but Dr. Holmes thought that it all just might be a lupus flare and that maybe I could go home in a couple of days---and would just be on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. The perinatologist Dr. Sawaii, however, said that I had preeclampsia and that I would be living in the hospital until this baby came. They then sent down Dr Watterkotte---who I refer to as Dr.Death---and he proceeded to explain all the horrible things that could happen to this baby if I did not try and keep her inside of me. Pretty much every second you can keep a baby in the womb really does matter. I informed him that I didn't think I was feeling physically ill enough, and he said he didn't care and that probably no matter what, this baby would be born premature. How much premature he wasn't sure. I was so frightened, Court had still not made it back from Florida yet.

Friday and Saturday I actually felt pretty great. All of my bloodwork was going back to normal and Dr. Holmes was even talking about letting me go home on Monday (on strict bed rest of course) Saturday morning Court finally made it back home. On Saturday night I went to bed with a slight pain in my back, but I figured that was just from sleeping in that stinking hospital bed for three days. But Sunday morning I still had the back pain and it was starting to increase in intensity. It started working its way around front, and the pain I had had Wednesday night was back with a VENGEANCE. I can remember just being curled up in a ball on the hospital bed and just moaning and screaming. They started giving me tons of drugs to make the pain stop, but nothing could touch it. My protein in the urine shot up again and my blood pressure started rising. Courtney went to his moms house about 6:00 p.m. for dinner because they had finally given me a dose of something that made we really drowsy and I was finally resting. The nurses were not happy with him. He had just walked into the door at Maurio's when he got a phone call telling him to get back to the hospital and pronto. When he got back I was not doing good. The pain was getting worse and worse and my blood pressure was skyrocketing.

The interesting thing is that up to this point, the baby never once was under stress. Thats the crazy thing about Preeclampsia or HELLP Syndrome---which they officially said I had. Its actually only harmful to the mother, and if something happens to her, THEN it becomes an issue for the baby. So it is kind of a game of Russian Roulette of how far can we let things go, so that this baby can stay inside the womb for every possible second that it can. Of course if things go to far it could mean seizures, convulsions, comas---GOOD TIMES!

For me things started progressing so rapidly. When Court made it back to the hospital, Dr. Holmes was on the phone and he told him that more than likely we would be taking this baby out tonight! My blood pressure was now 200/121 and they told me that the pain in my chest was being caused by my liver and the placenta rubbing against a wall and causing it to disintegrate. Eventually the baby WOULD be under stress. At 7:30 they nurses came into the room and said, "Dad come with us." They took Court and outfitted him in scrub. Then they moved me.

I was awake, but I already had a lot of drugs in me from them trying to stop my pain. Everybody in the operating room was just a blur. Dr. Holmes must have sensed this, and came right up in my face and said, "Julie, everything is gonna be fine...this baby is gonna be fine." I know I had tears streaming down my face, but I wasn't sobbing hysterically or anything. I just kept saying, "No, no..." I don't think at the time that I really knew what was happening. They moved me over to the operataing table, gave me two different shots in my back, and everything went numb from the waist down. Court stayed right by me head and held my hand and just talked to me. He was amazing. He just stayed calm and kept reassuring me. I would have gotten hysterical , but Court stayed so strong for me, and that helped so much.

They had put up a sheet of course, so I couldn't see anything. But I felt someone tugging at my bellybutton. I figured this was them cutting me open. But I hear someone say, "The time on that was 1951 and then I heard the tiniest whimper somewhere in the room and I realized she was out! They weren't cutting me open, they were already stiching me up. They straight away took her up to the NICU, and at least Court was able to see her before she went up, but I never did get to until much later.

They took me to the recovery room for 4 hours trying to get my body to clam down so I still didn't go into seizures or anything. I slept through alot of it, and people kept walking up to me to ask questions or to poke me for blood or to set up IVs. They finally wheeled me up to see her, but I was still in my bed and it was hard to reach up into her isolette to even see her. She was so RED. She was so LITTLE--1 lb and 14 ounces. There were so many tubes everywhere, it was very overwhelming for me. I was able to reach in at least and touch her toe and her little hand. She was wearing a pink hat and Court made a comment about it. I know that the next time it was a turquoise one. Ü I thought of the name Sateen from the movie Moulin Rouge and it basically meant red satin. When I saw how red and soft her skin was (when I had been warned she would be very mottled looking and very fuzzy) I knew that it had to be her middle name. It took me a while to finally decide on the spellings, but we finally ended up with Delainee Sateen Fischbeck.

When they wheeled me back to my room it was about midnight. Right away they hooked me up to a breast pump and had me start pumping. I didn't think that milk would even come being 3 months ahead of schedule, but slowly it did come---little by little. This was all on Sunday May 5, 2002.

I stayed at the hospital til Thursday and then they finally let ME go home. It was very hard coming home with no baby to show. Delainee gets to live there for at least 4-6 weeks. She is the prettiest little thing. In pictures, without anything as a reference for size, you'd never realize how small she actually is. She looks like a normal baby. She has blond hair and long blond eyelashes. For as little as she is, she is actually quite long. Her fingers and toes look especially long. She can't cry or make any noise because she has a tube down her throat, but as soon as that comes out we will learn how she talks. The nurses open up her isolette every 4 hours and try to limit her getting touched or handled to those times. They want Delainee to think she is still in the womb. So we are there at those times and help to take her temperature, change her diaper, and clean her face. And just talk to her and sing to her, and hold our hands on her. We haven't had too many 'downs' with her yet. She just keeps doing so good. I don't think she realizes that she came out to early. Ü So now we wait and we watch and we pray.

"Arrived 12 weeks early
I stepped up the date.
Here for the loving---
I just couldn't wait!"

Delainee Sateen Fischbeck; May 5, 2002; 7:51 p.m.; 1 lb. 14 ounces 13 1/4 inches long.

Delainee stayed in the hosital for two months. We still had her home a month before her actual due date---which was August 2nd! After the fact I went to the hospital I asked for her bill---or what it would have cost if I had no insurance. I was given a BOOK, basically, and on the last page....$294,000.00. Not quite a million dollar baby, but I will never complain about insurance in my LIFE!

The night Delainee was born. Notice her red skin---not normal for premies. And see what looks like a little maxi pad that Court is holding? That is her diaper--and it was still huge on her!

This was her first best friend. I wish you could realize how small this bear really is to appreciate how insanely small she was.

This was a WEEK after birth on Mother's Day May 12, 2002. This was the FIRST time that they ever actually let me hold my baby girl. Notice the gold band---COURT'S WEDDING RING.

Look how far we have come!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's Play Music---its so fun!

I teach Let's Play Music, so OF COURSE Delainee does it. And I don't mean to brag that she is my child or anything, but she really is AMAZING. She loves to practice, and her hard work shows. At the recital she played Turtle Shells--both the accompanying chords and the intervals. Plus, she sang and did the actions to all the rest of the songs she learned in her second year of the program. I think she was more excited about doing a show where her grandparents could admire her newly pierced ears---she is so vain! It was very nice of both set of grandparents to come show support.

Here is her shy embarassed look---it cracks me up.

Shootin' her arrow and pullin' her bow in 'I'm an Indian'

Dancin' like a pirate in our puppet show...

Here she is with the whole group of 2nd year graduates---she is in the 2nd row.

I am so proud of my little musician!

Laetner can't wait to start this next year, so he can be just like his big sister.

Way to go Baines!