"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, August 31, 2009

Life is SO not Fair!

I was actually sitting here right at the computer when I hear Waverly crying down the hallway. She sounded the way she does when she is tired out of her gourd, and Laetner is bothering her and she is just MAD! The odd thing is as I head down the hallway, that I can see her in Delainee's room all by HERSELF. To what did we owe the honor of this sad face....
or this one...

Well you actually have your answer there in that last photo. See little Miss Wavee Jo loves to play outside in our little mini coupe (in fact you might recall how she almost ended her life in an accident at the cabin) Well she took one look at those Barbies and Dollies and she just KNEW they were having fun that she was wanting to have her self.

At first she tried taking the toys out, but they were kinda stuck, and then she tried to put her feet in with them (as if she could actually take a ride in the thing) but that didn't work to well, darn it. She then took to swiping at everyone involved (car included) becuz it just wasn't fair.
I didn't quite know what to do for her. She just kept getting madder and madder, and I finally just had to take the whole car (ladies included) and put it up on a shelf so she couldn't see 'THEM' having fun without her.
Life is so unfair when you are 18 months old!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you Kidding Me?

So I am walking out of the gym this morning, with Waverly on my hip, when I check my cell phone and notice that I missed a text whilst I was sweating all over the treadmill (you think I jest! Ü)

The text was from my one and only (who is still in Hawaii), and I quote, "Does your latest blog [post] mean that you don't miss me or need me anymore"


I truly apologize, my darling Courtney, that you would ever misconstrue my previous post into meaning that I don't miss or need you anymore! It made me want to cry right there on the spot, that (while I know you were joking) you could even think it just a little.

Perhaps you did not fully understand my little statement of : "not until this JULY did I ever actually get OVERWHELMED with him being gone. Man alive, I felt like I was in some sort of funk and just couldn't get out of it."

Perhaps becuz you were not here, that you didn't understand that when I haphazardly say I was in a 'funk' that I was REALLY having a hard time mentally, and emotionally and somedays really worried over the mortality of certain children for that day. (Mortality that would be ended by ME!)

Perhaps you thought my short-temperedness with everyone and everything (including YOU) was just the latest faze I was going thru?

No my darling, I will happily admit that I can't stand it when you are not here. No one makes me laugh like you can (you are indeed one of the top 5 funniest people). No one makes me cry like you can for that matter either. No one cooks like you can. No one cleans like you can. No one loves/plays/and spoils our children like you can. No one is as fun to watch T.V. with. No one works as hard as you can. No one makes me feel as safe as you can.

All's I am saying, is that now that school is back in session (and all the busy-ness that goes along with it) that I finally feel like I am coming out of that funk that I have been drowning in as of late.

And for that I am greatful!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am so stinking greatful that school is back in session! And it isn't JUST becuz Delainee and Laetner are BOTH at school ALL day long---although that is pretty dang cool, I must admit!


More than anything I am greatful to be BUSY. Greatful that we have to get up at 6:30 a.m. everyone morning to begin the process of breakfast, teeth brushing, getting dressed and practicing piano. Greatful that since I am already up that I have no good excuse not to head to the gym for an hour or so and get in a good sweat before starting the day. Greatful that my days are full of preparing Let's Play Music lessons, and 'advising' all my fun Let's Play Music teachers with all of their excited questions as they begin to teach. Greatful that since the Let's Play Music semester has started, that I have all sorts of interesting 'trading' that I get to cash in on this year. Greatful that I can go to the grocery store to do my coupon shopping with just ONE child to deal with. Greatful that almost EVERY day these past two weeks, I have had some sort of workers in my house, tearing up my kitchen, and stinking up my house with all sorts of crazy stains, paint, or glaze smells! (just wait til you see the finished product)

When Court first started traveling for his work I thought it would be really hard to have him away--and don't get me wrong it IS hard. But not until this JULY did I ever actually get OVERWHELMED with him being gone. Man alive, I felt like I was in some sort of funk and just couldn't get out of it. But I now realize it was becuz we had nothing to do BUT sit around and realize that he WASN'T here with us.

Soooo, I am just so greatful to be back on a schedule, and feel like there isn't enough of me to fit in all the things that need to be done in the day. Cuz then I don't have time to sit and mope about the fact that I haven't had an 'adult' conversation in over a week!

I think I forgot to mention that within a 14 day spread I will have seen my husband for three days of that time?---the poor baby is off to Hawaii AGAIN!

But like I said, we are so 'greatfully' busy that we are honestly doing OKAY!

Is it wrong to actually almost be better off when living in crazy-ville??

I must say, though, that I will ESPECIALLY be greatful when he comes home this Saturday!


Monday, August 17, 2009

While Mom was Away

Today I had to run to a Teacher Advisory Lunch for Let's Play Music. I asked Shelby if she could watch Wavee for me, and she said no problem. After I picker her up and headed home, I noticed some e-mails from Shelby's house with the words "While mom was away" as the subject heading....



Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Ditch Efforts

Meet the teacher was Thursday night. Court was out of town, so I braved it with the three kiddies and 4 bags of school supplies to drop off. We had already gotten a letter from Laetner's teacher (happens to be Delainee's same teacher that she had for kindergarten) so when we showed up that night he walked right in, no fears, no nothing! He plopped right down and began coloring like he was 'old school'! Ü

Delainee, on the other hand, had to go into the experience blind. We had no idea who our teacher was until we got their that night, and even then did not know who she was. We had gone to Laetner's classroom first, so by the time we made it to Delainee's classroom there was hardly anybody in there. Taking a quick look around I pointed out to Delainee who I figured her teacher must be. She took a quick look--sizing her new teacher up---and whispers to me, "She's cute like me [meaning herself]!" Do I have a vain daughter, or what? I am hoping she meant she looks like me since they both have blonde hair, but I kinda doubt it.

So after walking around the school, it really set in that summer is OVER! We figured we better do some last minute summer things before our time was officially up!

So we headed outside to play on our tramp in the sprinklers....
And we headed over to the splash pad at San Tan mall...

Waverly was NOT happy with the little puddle that was completetly ATTACKING her!!! Ü
We met up with our little cousin Parker and he immediately went to work trying to plant some smooches on poor Wavee.

After the mall we decided to do a little dress up. Meet THE SUPER BOOTS!

Striking terror into the hearts of all evil doers EVERYWHERE
(especially Waverly, apparently)

This is what Baby Super Boots looks like when she is MAD!
Don't make her angry---you won't like her when she's angry!

Aaaah, this is more like it!

With all the fun things to do in the summer time, we are still ALL so happy for school to start!

She's Comin' Out


Who is that peekin' out of my pantry?

Here comes trouble!

She's thinking, "Let's get this party started!"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming with Miss Sharisse

Since Delainee was 18 months old, every single summer we would always go to Judy Brown for swim lessons. We love Judy. She is amazing! My kids even refer to her as grandma judy. So in April when we bagan to hear the rumours that she wasn't teaching swim this summer we were devastated. Ü We never can start swimming until July every year, becuz of my working at MCC every summer, so we had a little extra time to try and find someone to replace Judy.
Thank goodness a lady in our ward had someone to refer us to, and they taught RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! The first day or two, I was a little apprehensive that we wouldn't be getting worked as hard as we were used to. But then she started whippin' my kiddies in to shape. Laetner especially had a special bond with Miss Sharisee, and acted like her teacher's assistant or something. I now know why his school teacher referred to him as the 'little professor' becuz he is ALL about staying on task. If Miss Sharisse tried to change ANYTHING he would remind her of something they had not done yet that day, or that the order was wrong. But I think she appreciated that over the kids that completely ignored her rules or threw complete fits. Let's just say I was VERY proud of the way MY children behaved this summer. The very last day of the first session, Miss Sharisse brought a slide for the kids to play on during class. Everyday of the next TWO week session, Laetner would ask when the slide was coming back. We were promised the last day again, so we made sure to bring the camera, AGAIN...

Thank you Miss Sharisse for teaching my kiddies some very important life saving skills! Ü

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Opinion Needed

Be honest with me now....
Do these jeans make me look fat?????

Fischbeck Family Reunion Part II

SO we got up Monday morning at the cabin, and cleaned everything up. Jumped in our vehicles, and started making our way toward Big Lake (about an hour outside of ShowLow)for the 2nd portion of our Family Reunion. We all stopped in ShowLow to grab miscellaneous groceries and lunch, and then we rolled into camp about 1:00 p.m. We were just working at setting up camp when in strolls a bear to camp. It was so funny to see the kids different reactions. Delainee's face filled with horror and she made a mad dash for the tent. Laetner on the other hand was very curious to get a peek at the big feller. There were many tears heard emanating from our campground as a whole, especially when the 5 year old Lilly told her 5 year old cousin Reece that bears eat little kids.

We had quite a sweet little set up with a full shaded canopy.
I love Laetner's nose pressed against the side!

Immediately the 30 some odd bikes got pulled out of the trailer and the kids proceeded to have a blast riding everywhere! We had little trikes for the kids, and even a side by side tandem that I swear would glow in the dark!

That evening for dinner we had taco salad, and holy cow nothin ever tasted so good. Ever since lunchtime our little Waverly hadn't really eaten anything, and it was getting me a little nervous---as well I should have been. Just as we were rounding up for a little fireside singing and chatting, my little Wavee throws up a little bit. No worries, I figured she had eaten some dirt, or a bug or SOMETHING had upset her tummy....

Then came the glorious hour when we were to put the kiddies to bed. The kids were sooo excited to sleep in the sleeping bags in the tent and pretty much fell asleep instantly. Waverly on the other hand wasn't cooperating as well, so Court was staying in the tent for her a little bit to help calm her down. I hadn't seen him in a while so I headed toward the tent to see if he had fallen asleep with her, and as I approached the tent I got a whiff of the horror inside. I unzipped the tent to find all of Wavee, her bedding, and Courtney himself, COVERED with throw-up. Even though we were technically 'outside' the smell was unbearable. We had brought extra bedding to have as an option if things got to cold, so I headed to the bathroom with an armful of vomit soaked laundry. I did my best to at least rinse everything out with the near freezing water, but come on. The best I could do was hang it all up on the rafters of our e-z up shade and hope that the bear wouldn't take a liking to the smell.

The rest of that night was MISERABLE. Every hour and a half or so, Wavee would wake up to throw up. After that initail unloading, she didn't have a whole lot left in her, but she still would wake up and dry heave and cry. Delainee and Laetner were obviously exhausted cuz they slep thru it all, but Court and I got NOTHING. On top of it all it was FREEZING, and any extra warmth we had brought for ourselves was now making Wavees new bed.

The next morning Court said he wanted to go home right then and there. But we both felt bad for the other kiddies, and thought maybe she was done. SHE WASN'T, but I am so glad we stayed the rest of that day--even if Wavee was a nightmare. After we got breakfast all cleaned up, everybody hopped on a bike and headed down to the marina for some crawdad fishing (Wavee and I rode in style in the van).
Grandpa promised 50 cents to any boy and a whole dollar to any girl that would actually carry their crawdad to him. My little boy manned up AND managed to snag the biggest one of the day!

The bike ride back from the marina to the campground proved a little more difficult for some, as it was mostly uphill, but Court and Delainee were amazing!
The afternoon was spent playing scrabble and SCUM. Of course everybody had to squeeze in another bike ride down to the marina store for some ice cream.
And the kids all found a tree to 'hang' out on! Photobucket
(Thank you uncle dan for climbing said tree 'Mowgli style' and bringing it down to our level)

But it was pretty obvious Wavee was no better so we bagan packing everything up. We managed to squeeze in some playing time in the Mexican Horseshoe tournament, and as soon as I threw the winning point to beat Marissa, we hopped in the car to head home. We left at 8:30, and Court flew threw the canyon via the Globe route. Just as we pulled into to Globe, Wavee unleashed again--just in time for us to clean it up as we stopped for gas, and then we made it home about 12:15 Tuesday evening. WHEW!
It turns out it was a good thing we left early. Not only did Waverly continue to throw up until SATURDAY evening. She then decided to add diarrhea to the mix starting Thursday night as well! Let me tell you, good times were had by all--Laetner decided to join the party as well by throwing up all over himself on Sunday night.

I blame IZZY!

Boo, Izzy, boo! Ü

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fischbeck Family Reunion Part I

The Fischbeck Family Reunion LITERALLY had two parts. Friday thru Monday morning was spent at the cabin doing the obligatory competitions, relays, obstacle courses, and talent shows as well as the standard all-nighter games of Settlers, Scrabble, Werewolves, Psychiatrist and Scattergories---which Delainee is quite good at! Man alive that Mama Maurio is amazing at itinerizing. With the amazing weather it was hard to not be playing outside.

For the obstacle course, each person had to run the balance beam, turn around the bat five times, maneuver through the cones after getting dizzy from those five times, jump over the broom, kick the soccer ball in the net, run around the cone, and end with two feet in the finish circle. We don't need to really disclose everyone's times, but I will man up and admit that I was in the bottom three for the women!

Laetner's obstacle course run....
Delainee's obstacle course run....

Court's run...

Julie's run....

And I would be remisce if I did not post Mama Maurio's run! Ü

This was the boy number for our talent night! (Laetner is far right)

All the single ladies....(Delainee starts in the back row, but watch out for her solo x-jump)

We had some technical difficulties with our actual video camera---SOMEONE forgot to bring the proper chords for charging----so both video and stills had to be taken with just our little digital camera. It was a tough choice on deciding what was video worthy or not. Luckily there were 'photographers' everywhere and I can't wait to see what everyone else captured on film!

Waverly's Personal Obstacle Course

Waverly was in heaven mozeying around the cabin in her little mini coupe. There were quite a few catfights between the smaller population on who got to actually ride in said mini coupe. Grandpa Fischbeck had a great idea at the cabin to poot a concrete path around the entire perimeter of the cabin for exactly these type of vehicles to cruise around. On the back side of the cabin there is actually quite a steep slope that ends in a hairpin corner known as widowmaker---actually I am making that last part up, but it does come to a pretty sharp turn at the bottom of the hill that is pretty tough for even the older kids to maneuver.

This is how she looked at the beginning. So happy, so carefree. Somehow she managed to boot Parker out and was just Fred Flinstoning around when she thought she should take a dive down the 'widowmaker'

I turned just as the exact moment that she started racing down the summit. I was not so mean as to actually take a picture of her while she cried at the bottom. But this is exactly how the crime scene was found---minus the victim of course!

This gives a better idea of the magnitude and precariousness of her long journey down!

She was NOT wearing her seatbelt, but I think the coupe saved her a huge knot on the head. She cried for only a few moments, but she was left with a little battle wound to prove that the whole thing did in fact happen!

This however was the least of her worries, as her insides were in a turmoil of their own that would unleash itself once we headed on to the camping portion of our family reunion---more on THAT to come.

Slight Resemblance

The squinty eyes and the closed lip smile. Look at these two boys and tell me you don't see the resemblance.